Artisan Bread Making Classes

NEWS: Baker & Loaf is moving home and town (and county!). Plans are to reopen in 2014/2015. More details to come. In the meantime, please see the Real Bread Campaign website for a listing of bread classes all around the UK.

Happy baking!

Bread. One of the simplest recipes in the world, and yet one of the most satisfying.

Here at the Baker & Loaf bread school, we believe in teaching fundamental techniques, not set-in-stone recipes — giving you the confidence to get creative with your baking, whether you’re a bread beginner or a regular home baker.

We’ll also show you how to make great-tasting home-baked bread a part of your busy day-to-day life. Come along and discover a new way of baking that puts fresh bread on the table for breakfast, dinner or whenever you get a craving for an oven-warm slice.

Our bread courses offer:

  • Sleeves-rolled-up, hands-on experience
  • Small class sizes
  • One-to-one teaching time
  • Quality ingredients
  • Emphasis on technique and understanding, rather than simply following recipes
  • Cosy home kitchen environment
  • A chance to meet other bread-lovers


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