Bread Baking Classes

NEWS: Baker & Loaf is moving home and town (and county!). Plans are to reopen in 2014/2015. More details to come. In the meantime, please see the Real Bread Campaign website for a listing of bread classes all around the UK.

Happy baking!

Whether you’re new to bread and the art of dough, wanting to expand your baking repertoire, or grappling with the mysteries of sourdough, at Baker & Loaf we’ve got just the class for you.

Choose from our range of bread classes, covering:

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Essential Artisan Bread Making

Dream of filling your home with the smell of freshly baked bread? Ready to swap the supermarket white for home-made country loaves and herb-strewn focaccia?

In this class, we demystify the art of bread making, from the choice of ingredients to the final bake, allowing any recipe to be broken down into the fundamental steps and built back up in a way that suits you. Learn the secrets of making great artisan bread, along with tips and tricks on fitting baking into your weekly schedule.

This one-day bread course covers:

  • Understanding the different types of bread flour and yeast
  • Using sight, smell and touch to guide your bread making
  • Creating a personalised baking plan to fit your lifestyle
  • Baking three different styles of bread (including a wholemeal loaf and an Italian dough)

Brioche, Bagels & Speciality Flours

Bored of your tried-and-tested everyday loaf? Looking to take your bread baking up a notch?

We delve into the world of speciality flours such as kamut (khorasan), spelt and buckwheat, along with getting to grips with butter-laden brioches and baking your own chewy New York-style bagels.

This one-day bread course covers:

  • How to bake with a range of speciality flours
  • Recipes to bring out these flours’ unique flavours
  • Baking mini-brioches – the perfect dinner party starter
  • Bagel making – from start to cream-cheese-filled finish

Wild Yeast & Sourdoughs

Ready to take a walk on the wild side and get baking with your own sourdough starter, but confused by all the myths surrounding growing and maintaining a wild yeast culture?

Never fear. Baker & Loaf are here to guide you on the hugely satisfying journey that is baking with wild yeast. Learn what makes it tick, what makes it sulk, and how to incorporate sourdough into your daily routine — instead of letting a tub of yeast dictate your life.

This one-day bread course covers:

  • Building and maintaining two different types of sourdough starter
  • The benefits and properties of sourdough
  • Baking a range of sourdough breads from all across Europe
  • Creating a personalised sourdough baking plan to fit your schedule
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